Kitchen inspiration

Modulkök från Vipp i helvitt med slimmad bänkskiva. Perfektion.
Och så är jag närmast besatt av tanken på ett betonggolv i nya köket.
Modular kitchens from Vipp in all white with sleek countertop. Kitchen Perfection.
And I'm almost obsessed with the idea of ​​a concrete floor in the new kitchen.

7 kommentarer:

  1. Beautiful. So clean and set.

  2. Don't be obsessed just say I am gonna have a concrete floor!
    I love it to but I know there is one under my VT wonen flooring. only way to cold, YOu definitely should have floor heating with it I think !

    I love that table is that from Vipp too?

    1. Yeeees! I will have a concrete floor. But no heating I´m afraid... I guess I just have to knit some cosy socks for me and my friends.... :) I think it´s the table from Vipps new furniture collection! Love it!

  3. yes, I like it, perfect combination. I'm thinking something similar for my kitchen, but maybe with lighter gray.
    those shelves are sweet.

  4. Det er et virkelig fint køkken, jeg kan lide det!

  5. Var hittar jag dom snygga stolarna?


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